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What is Auto blow Sex Toy?

What is Auto blow Sex Toy

Auto blow is a penis toys and well known as hands-free masturbator where no hand efforts are required. It is the robotic oral sex simulator designed for males only. It is the masturbator which can be used for solo sex purposes or in foreplay sessions that offers the extreme pleasure. Auto blow keeps vaginal openings that look realistic while taking pleasure of masturbation. The vaginal openings will reach you at the steamy orgasm. Your partner may also assist you for masturbation with this sex toy by holding it in her hands. But it is also the best sex toy if you don’t have partner ever. Auto blow has delicate shape inside with 3 sizes of interchangeable sleeves for every kind of penis size. These sleeves offer powerful orgasm when you do masturbate. When using this sex toy, you need to hold the sex toy and insert your penis into the auto blow.

Then it will start to work and will give you the hands-free moment. The sleeves will move up and down to give you a real pleasure. You can readily control the stroking motion of this masturbator. It is completely battery-free product and the only need is to connect it through the socket to operate. It enables to stroke your penis at 6 inches. The auto blow can be operated at various speeds. If your hands are supple it will be an ideal sex toy for you that will not give you any troubles while having its use. It keeps the total weight around 900 grams. Its power input is 100v to 240v and power output is DC 12v, 1.5 amp. Its height and diameter is 22 cm and 10 cm.

Why is Cock Ring good?

Why is Cock Ring good

When you taking use of cock ring you need to place it at the base of penis carefully. Cock ring takes an important role to when a duration of intercourse expands. The main procedure of cock ring is to still the cock that will restrict the blood flow and will delay orgasm to come. The cock ring is easy may wear on flaccid cock. The cock ring is ideal to expand intercourse session that will offer ecstasy. It offers deep realistic pleasure that is enough to quench the thirst of sex. It might be more appropriate if you put on it before getting stiffness in cock. The improper way of placing the cock ring may hurt genitals. Cock rings are easily available in many textures and sizes according to penis size. It is so useful when males discharge early or they are the patient of erectile dysfunction. Beginners may also use this cock ring to expand the duration of intercourse with his partner. Cock rings are prepared with good quality of silicone materials, rubbers, plastics, metals etc. It depends only on user what he prefers for his penis and testicles.

When taking in use, don’t wear it forcefully. The forceful act may have some scars onto penis and swelling may also occur onto penis that gives the outcome of numb cock. The coating of good quality lubrication may also protect the outer skin of penis and testicles that will not hurt genitals and will provide flexibility by evading rigidness. Some cock rings may use only for a single time but some may be able to reuse. When pleasure was done, don’t forget to wash it because it may give some sexual threats.

Cockling is Recommended When Using Auto blow for Such a Person

Cockling is Recommended When Using Auto blow for Such a Person

Cock ring offers the sheer ecstasy that diverts into the blissful end that never had experienced before. If you do masturbate, you shall put on it around penis and testicles. The better commuted will be better to restrict your blood flow that delays orgasm to come. It plays an important role on the concern of foreplay. But it is made only for use for short time span because it may damage penis erectile tissues if using too much. When you placing cock ring on genitals, it is better to use lubricants to aside harshness. The cock ring is simpler to use with easy portability. It comes with various textures according to the size of a penis. It can be used easily by anyone whether they are naive or dexterous users. It is a waterproof product that will not side effect anyhow if it can be used twice.

When using auto blow, you can also use the cock ring. When you use these products together it will enhance twice the level of zeal. It will delay orgasm while masturbation through auto blow. The duration expands with cock ring the pleasure expands with an auto blow. It will take more time to come orgasm that quench the thirst of your needs. Auto blow is in vaginal shape that provides real joy with the cock ring. Auto blow and cock ring will work simultaneously during masturbation. There is no hand efforts are required to take enjoyment. Both products work itself. Only the duration will spread because of cock ring that will meet the user to extreme pleasure. It is ideal for those guys who don’t have their own partner so they can make auto blow a partner for their strong needs.

Recommended, How to Use Cockling for Wonderful Ejaculation?

Recommended, How to Use Cockling for Wonderful Ejaculation

When using cock ring don’t forget to read the manual of product. It is advisable to read the instructions to become secure from misguidance. Firstly, do a coating of lubricant on penis and testicles for flexible touch. It will be easier to put on and take off the ring. If your penis is flaccid, you still can put on this. You must know the rings nature how it is used or how it can remove. Cock ring must sit at the base of penis & testicles. It might be tighter for your penis when it gets stiffed but will not hurt genitals. But pain or swelling occurs you can remove the ring right away. When orgasm come through it outside or it is reusable wash it with warm water and wipes it up with fresh cotton or cloth. Then keep it in a safe place and avoid to share with anyone.

Reason why Autoblow sex toys and cockling are very compatible in India

Reason why Autoblow sex toys and cockling are very compatible in India